Obici Healthcare Foundation

The Obici Healthcare Foundation, a private health-focused organization based in Suffolk, Virginia, embraces in its work. The Obici Healthcare Foundation’s mission strives to address the unmet needs of the medically indigent and uninsured and to support programs which prevent illness and disease – and the Foundation makes this mission personal. Case in point: the Obici Healthcare Foundation made the decision to take one small step to prevent deaths from opioid overdose, with the belief that any life saved is a positive outcome. Cathy Huband, grants manager at the Obici Healthcare Foundation, sees the real-life outcomes of the organization’s Community Engagement grants.

“Earlier this year, we gave a Community Engagement grant to our local police to purchase Narcan, an FDA-approved prescription opiate antidote that blocks the effects of opioids and reverses the effects of overdose. Within weeks, our police force saved four people’s lives by administering Narcan. Four people in our community were able to get another chance at life. That’s a pretty strong return on investment.”


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